Save Money, Stay Cool

Save money and electricity this summer

It’s almost summertime and as temperatures rise, so does the dollar amount on your electric bill; but all hope is not lost. We’ve got a couple of great energy saving tips you may not have thought of that will make your life a little greener (even when your lawn is turning brown). How many of [...]

Throw Some Meat on the Barby

Meat On The Barby

Fun, Affordable Meals Ever get bored with dinner?  One thing that’s guaranteed to lift spirits is great tasting, affordable meals fresh off an open flame.  I’m from Texas so Bar-b-q’ing is a way of life for many of us.  My northern relatives and friends on the left-coast call them cookouts but the name doesn’t matter.  [...]

Can a Budget Cost Too Much?

High Budget

Importance of Budgeting Actually, the answer is just the opposite.  Not having a family budget could cost more than you realize. That’s the importance of budgeting. Consider running your household like a well-managed business. Take all of the monthly expenses, try to cut back or minimize the ones you can and look for opportunities to [...]

Can You Eat a Shoe Cobbler?

Ladies Shoes

Shoe Savings Sorry but the answer is no and not because shoes are impossible to digest.  A cobbler is someone who fixes or repairs shoes.  Fortunately for you, a good cobbler can help you get shoe savings…save you money while adding or restoring life to a great pair of shoes you’d ordinary have to throw [...]

Dollar Store Dynamite

Dollar Store Dynamite

Shopping Savings at the Dollar Store Buying generic brands is smart spending and purchasing items on  sales is smart shopping.  Although both are time honored methods of saving money, if you want to see your savings account on steroids and realize shopping savings, locate the nearest dollar discount store for regular household goods.  You’ll want [...]